Litin Converting, Warehouse & Service

Rusty Nobbe, Converting Manager

Rusty Nobbe is the Converting Manager for Litin Paper. Rusty is responsible for all the paper manufacturing and the purchase of the raw goods for paper converting. He started out with Litin Paper 28 years ago in 1984. At Litin we value the decades of dedication that Rusty has committed to us. Randy returns the good feeling every day with his love of paper. He believes that his job enables him to help his team do their best at what they do best. He gets great satisfaction from knowing that Litin converts paper and helps Litin customers every day.

Rusty grew up in Brooklyn Park in a family with a strong work ethic. He graduated from Osseo, would love to be the inventor of gold, and wishes he could get the Democrats in line. Randy is married for more than 25 years, has four children and supports the Epilepsy Foundation.

Jeff Buerke, Warehouse Manager

Jeff Buerke's story coming soon.

Jerry Steinhorst, Cutter & Machinery Operator

Jerry Steinhorst's story coming soon.

James Fournier, Machinery Operator

James Fournier is a Machine Operator for Litin Paper. His primary job is to operate the machines that convert paper. James has been in the paper industry for 32 years and joined Litin Paper in November 1989. James likes the people at Litin Paper and enjoys his job. His favorite motto is to, “Grab a glove and get in the game.” This proactive attitude makes him a dedicated Litin employee and his years of service make him an appreciated and dependable employee for Litin.

James grew up in Minneapolis and graduated from West High. He’s a big fan of the Vikings and Twins and supports his church.

Kevin David Henrikson, Machine Operator

Kevin David Henrikson is a Machine Operator and helps stack rolls or run the machines to convert paper. He has been in the paper industry for 20 years and joined Litin paper in June of 1999. Kevin says that he’s happy working for Litin because it’s a great place to work and the people are very friendly. Kevin feels he is a go-getter and will do everything it takes to get the job done.

Kevin grew up in Anoka and graduated from Anoka High School. He is a Minnesota Vikings fan with two dogs, Rusty and Franny. He resonates to “man of all men and the big daddy”.

Scott Jones,Equipment Service Manager

Scott Jones's story coming soon.

Kelly Solon, Job

Kevin Solon's story coming soon.

Larry Thiel, Converting Operator

Larry Thiel's story coming soon.

Steve Michnowski, Shipping & Receiving

Steve Michnowski's story coming soon.

Mike Moore, Converting Operator

Mike Moore's story coming soon.

Kevin Stieg, Shipping & Receiving

Kevin Stieg is a Machine Operator and helps stack rolls or run the machines to convert paper. Kevin's story coming soon.

Ted Phommachanh, Machine Operator

Ted is a Machine Operator and helps stack rolls or run the machines to convert paper. Ted's 's story coming soon.